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We could not have made this website without all the material that has been made available to us by former Museum De Paviljoens. Thank you Macha Roesink and all our former collegues whose work is enclosed in this material. Thanks also to photographer Jordi Huisman who was so kind as to permit us the use of his photographs from this archive.

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Design: Studio Berry Slok, Petra Warrink en Julian Kleyn
Editing: Martine van Kampen
Texts: Annick Kleizen and Eva van Diggelen (Land Art works), Anne van Leeuwen (interviews ambassadors), Martine van Kampen
Photography: Jordi Huisman, Allard Bovenberg, Gert Schutte, Sjoerd van Leeuwen (ambassadors), Geert van der Wijk (Land Art Live)
Videos: Dwarsboom Studio (Jasper van den Brink), Agapen (Barend Hazeleger), Jan Frans den Hartog (drone images)

Land Art Flevoland - and by association this website - is made possible by the Province of Flevoland.