→ About Land Art in Flevoland

During the building of the Flevoland polder, the engineers and planners decided to mark the occasion through the realisation of a number of large-scale art works, situated on several locations. They opted for an art form that spoke to their imagination: Land Art. An art form popular in the United States in the seventies and introduced in the Netherlands through exhibitions such as Op Losse Schroeven (1969) in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Sonsbeek Buiten de Perken (1971) in Arnhem.

The result is a collection of seven Land Art works by world-famous artists such as Robert Morris, Richard Serra and Daniel Libeskind. It makes for a situation that is unique in the world: six Land Art works that can be visited in one day. You can discover these hidden gems by yourself (by car) or take an organised bus tour and simultaneously experience the amazing history of the creation of the Flevoland polder!

See more? Watch the Kunstland series by AVRO (2009) about the history of Land Art in Flevoland