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Tour met studenten van de Piet Zwart academie, december 2014
Tour met studenten van de Piet Zwart academie, december 2014

The Land Art in Flevoland can be found in the municipalities of Noordoostpolder, Zeewolde, Lelystad and Almere and is usually located in the outside areas of these towns. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to travel to more than one location with public transport, but by car the route of six art works can be covered in one day. Possible luncheon facilities along the route are city estate De Kemphaan in Almere (next to De Groene Kathedraal), De Cantine next to Museum Nieuw Land in Lelystad (with a view on Exposure) or the visitor centres of the Oostvaardersplassen in Lelystad or Almere.

Use this map on Google Maps with your smart phone to make your tour on location. Please note that phone and internet reception is unreliable in these remote areas of Flevoland! To be certain it's best to bring a print out of the map and location details. The route description below will lead you from art work to art work, in the same order that's used for the bus tours (Almere - Lelystad - Zeewolde - Almere).

For those using GPS: the postal codes of the locations are mentioned below, following the title of the work. Please note that most locations do not have an official address or house number, so your GPS will only lead you there 'approximately'. In order to find the right exit or entrance on the spot, we advise you to take a print out of the exact location (see Google Maps above).

Please inform us on your experience by sending an email to info@landartflevoland.nl or posting a nice picture on our Facebook page

Route description

To Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (Zip code 1309 BB)

From the A6 (in both directions), take exit S101 Almere Stad-West. This road will change into the Hogering (N702). Follow this road; at the second traffic lights, at Manege Pampushout, there are already road signs to the artwork. Turn left onto Botterweg. Follow the Botterweg to the right. Botterweg ends in a T-junction; here, turn left onto Pampushavenweg. Polderland Garden of Love and Fire is situated a little further down, on the right side of the road. There is a car park at the site.

From Polderland Garden of Love and Fire to Exposure (Zip code 8242 PA, approximately)

Take a right from the car park following Pampushavenweg towards the dike. Turn right on Oostvaardersdijk (N701), direction Lelystad. In Lelystad, follow the signs to Enkhuizen, via Houtribweg. Take the exit to Enkhuizen via Markerwaarddijk, crossing the Houtrib locks. Once you have passed the locks, follow the bend down to the right. Take the exit to the parking lot with the snack carts. Park under the bridge. (Note: don’t miss the parking lot exit, you will only be able to turn back halfway along the dike to Enkhuizen!)

From Exposure to Observatory (Zip code 8219 PG, approximately)

Follow this road back to Lelystad via Markerwaarddijk. At the roundabout, turn left to Houtribweg (N302). Go straight at the first roundabout. At the second roundabout, take the second exit left onto Binnenhavenweg, yet keep right to cross Houtribweg. At the next roundabout, turn left onto Steenstraat. Follow this road that crosses the A6. The road turns into Edelhertweg. Turn left at Swifterringweg. Follow the road under the railway underpass and turn left at the bend toward the Observatory. Park here.

From Observatory to Aardzee (Zip code 3897 LH, approximately)

At the Observatory, turn right onto Swifterringweg. Turn right at Runderweg. Turn left at Oostranddreef. At the end of Oostranddreef, turn right onto Larserdreef, passing under the A6. This road turns into Larserweg. Drive past Lelystad Airport and turn right at the next traffic lights onto Vogelweg. Follow this road a few kilometres, Aardzee is located on the right side of the road, after Ooievaarsweg and just before Reigersweg/Roerdompweg. There is a car park on the right.

From Aardzee to Sea Level (Zip code 3892 HZ)

Follow Vogelweg on the right and turn left at the first road (Reigersweg/Roerdompweg). Follow the bend to the left to Schollevaarweg and then turn right onto Spiekweg. In Zeewolde, turn left at Horsterweg, and then right onto Dasselaarweg. Then turn left onto Kastanjelaan across the overpass (on top of the overpass you will see Sea Level both on your left and your right). Turn right on Eikenlaan and then turn right toward De Verbeelding. Park here. Walk back to the overpass of Kastanjelaan and take the stairs behind the bridge down to the water. Sea Level is situated on the right and left sides of the water.

From Sea Level to De Groene Kathedraal (Zip code 1349 CX, approximately)

Go back from De Verbeelding across the overpass to Kastanjelaan, and take a right onto Dasselaarweg, then turn left at the roundabout onto Horsterweg and then right onto Spiekweg. At the traffic lights of the N305, turn left onto Gooiseweg. Turn right after the next roundabout onto Adelaarsweg. Cross De Hoge Vaart and turn left at the T-junction onto the Schollevaarweg, which turns into Tureluurweg. Follow Tureluurweg for quite some time, passing under the A27, and then turn left at Kathedralenpad. Continue to the car park at De Groene Kathedraal.

From De Groene Kathedraal back to the highway

Go back to Tureluurweg and turn left. Turn left again at Vogelweg (N706). At Waterlandseweg (N305), you can either turn right back to Almere Centrum and the A6 (Amsterdam/Lelystad), or to the left onto the A27 (direction Utrecht).