Open Monumentendag 2018

Daniel Libeskind, Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (detail). Photo Johannes Schwartz
Daniel Libeskind, Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (detail). Photo Johannes Schwartz

In the weekend of 8 and 9 September, monuments in the Netherlands are celebrated during Open Monuments Day. The Green Cathedral by Marinus Boezem and Polderland Garden of Love and Fire by Daniel Libeskind will be part of this event in Almere. Our guides will be present at these two land art projects from 10.00 - 17.00 hrs, and will tell you everything about the artworks, artists, the art movement, and the origins of the province of Flevoland - in itself an interesting monument!

In Europe

Almere is a relatively young city, but even here one finds many (young) monuments. The two land art projects are examples of this: they are not only monumental, they also represent benchmarks both in the history and development of Almere, as in the art movement Land Art. Ever since their creation, the artworks by Boezem and Libeskind function as anchors within the landscape, connecting Almere with other, very old cultural places in Europe. The Green Cathedral relates to the cathedral in Reims - a world monument. Polderland Garden of Love and Fire by star architect Daniel Libeskind connects the city with Berlin (where he lived during the realization of the artwork) and Salamanca: the city where poet Juan de la Cruz lived- whose poem Living flame of love inspired Libeskind. With these connections to other European cities, the artworks show the relation between Almere and Europe: the theme of this edition of Open Monumentendag.


Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September
10.00 - 17.00 hrs: Visit The Green Cathedral and Polderland Garden of Love and Fire and ask our guides everything about the artwork, the artist, art movement and Flevoland.
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Free entry
On Saturday, the triathlon also takes place in Almere. Please check your route beforehand, in case the roads are barred this day. Check this website for an overview of roads that are blocked.

Open Monumentendag in Almere

Since 2017, the city of Almere participates in the national Open Monumentendag. Even though this city does not have any official monuments, it does have a monument ordinance. This New Town is filled with architectural pearls in experimental urban planning designs. Visit for an overview of all locations of Open Monumentendag in Almere.