2 Sept
Foto Helena Keskküla door Baltazar Glotain

Performance in Zeewolde

Come to Zeewolde on 2 September for Helena Keskküla's performance. This performance is organised by Vleeshal in consultation with Land Art Flevoland.

Helena Keskküla is interested in stones and boulders. This interest started in Estonia in 2020 and now brings her to a basketball court on the Woldstrand in Zeewolde, Flevoland.

The performance with three performers and four boulders will take place on 2 September from sunrise to sunset. In the midst of the boulders, performers Lidwien Ponsioen, Rose Akras, and Dianthus will activate the site through the durational and laborious production of concrete, tear-shaped objects that will accumulate over the course of the performance. Persistence, joy and fatigue will inform the work as the day progresses, which is why you are encouraged to attend the performance for a long period of time, slow down, perhaps even spend several hours with the work, to see it grow and shift back and forth from a site of production to a mythological destination.

Date: 2 September 2023
Time: 07:00 - 22:30 hrs
Opening by Roos Gortzak and Martine van Kampen: 14:30 - 15:30 hrs
Location: Woldstrand, Zeewolde
Free admission

Special shuttle bus: There is a shuttle bus from Amsterdam via Lelystad to Zeewolde and back. On the way to Zeewolde you will see the work of land art Engelen/Angels by Moniek Toebosch and on the way back you will see The Green Cathedral by Marinus Boezem. The bus departs from Amsterdam Central Station at 12:00, from Lelystad Central Station at 13:15 and returns from Zeewolde at 18:00. Tickets for the bus cost 15 euros and can be purchased by writing to office@vleeshal.nl.
More information on the Vleeshal website: vleeshal.nl


"Cries in Concrete, Curses in Curbstones, Dreams in Drywall, Rests in Rainfall" is presented in dialogue and collaboration with Land Art Flevoland, in whom Keskküla and Vleeshal have found a partner with knowledge of environmental art in the Netherlands.

An opening speech by Roos Gortzak (Vleeshal) and Martine van Kampen (Land Art Flevoland) will take place on Saturday 2 September at 14:30 hrs.