De Constructies (het Wij, het Vlak en de Objecten) van Cindy Moorman. Photo: Gerritjan Huinink

Cindy Moorman - De Constructies (het Wij, het Vlak en de Objecten) (2017)

Order dominates the Noordoostpolder, or so it seems - the order of the drawing table that is not only visible but also tangible. It is the kind of order that was brought to us by the beautiful clarity of Modernism architecture and through the paintings by De Stijl. Moreover, it is the kind of order that prohibits you from deviating from straight lines, and prevents you from deliberately losing your way. This order almost calls for the need of chaos. It poses the question of the right balance between order and chaos, or how you could bring back a bit of chaos in order. With her performance The Constructions (the We, the Surface, and the Objects) (2017), Cindy Moorman searched for answers to these types of questions.

The performance started at Genemuiden and came together at Kraggenburg (Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands) at the artwork PIER+HORIZON on Sunday 24 September 2017.

The entire performance involved eight scenes and would eventually, on Sunday 24 September, bring together a group of 64 people on the dike near the artwork PIER+HORIZON in Kraggenburg. These people were invited, informed, they prepared themselves, gathered together, and joined in the scenario as devised by Moorman. Together formed an image and a sound. This scenario took place on the line that also forms the basis for the Land Art project: the former dam between the lighthouse of Kraggenburg and Genemuiden, on the opposite side of the Zwarte Meer.

Cindy Moorman's performance - at Flevoland's newest Land Art project by Paul de Kort - was the last one in the series of artist interventions of Land Art Live. This program researched the social aspect of Land Art in Flevoland, and finished with the exhibition Once more, with feeling in KAF Expo in Almere (on show from 5 September 2017 through 7 January 2018). In the course of this exhibition, participants of the performance met again to discussed order and chaos.

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