Art journalist Luuk Heezen will look for the most intriguing stories about the monumental land artworks in Flevoland during the Land Art Luisterweekend 2020 (Land Art Listening Weekend). Broadcasts live on Facebook op 6 and 7 June between 11.00 and ca. 18.00 hrs. Afterwards we'll upload them here as podcasts. All episodes will be in Dutch.

Spotify playlists

Vesna Dragojevic from Good4Good created special playlists for each landscape artwork. In 2019 she organised the Buitenmis in De Groene Kathedraal during the Land Art Weekend 2019 - in 2020 you can listen to her music choices at all nine locations. These playlists give the artworks an extra dimension, without changing anything of the external shapes.

Good4Good provides a different type of transport during the Land Art Listening Weekend: "Music takes us along the Land Art artworks. With echoes of the mystique from twelfth-century compositions by Hildegard van Bingen, on to a cinematographic, electronic music trip by Nicolas Jaar, meditative moments with Steve Reich and Philip Glass and then throwing us in the arms of the sun - the real star adored by Terry Riley and Kronos Quartet. Have a nice trip. "

izi.TRAVEL audiotours

izi.TRAVEL heeft meerdere audiotours gemaakt langs de Land van Flevoland. Download de App in de App Store, Google Play Store of de Windows Phone Store.


- Land Art Flevoland Autoroute

- Land Art Flevoland Zeewolde Fietsroute

- Land Art Flevoland Lelystad Fietsroute

- Land Art Flevoland omgeving Almere Fietsroute