Foto Dewi Veldhuizen

Exhibition: design Reed Bank Cycles in Stadsarchief Almere

Exhibition: 12 January to 23 March 2023
The exhibition is open on Tues, Wed and Thurs from 12:00 - 16:00 and by appointment.
Admission free.

Sachi Miyachi is currently working on the design for a new work of land art titled Reed Bank Cycles, meant to be realised near the Weerwater in Almere. From 12 January 2023, you can visit a small presentation about her project at the Stadsarchief in Almere, which ties in with the current exhibition on the history of the Weerwater there (Water-Polder-Weerwater). In this exhibition - which looks back at the Weerwater's past - Miyachi looks ahead to her five-year project.

In her addition to the Water-Polder-Weerwater exhibition, Miyachi will show the sketches of her project. She is already trying to make the artwork, which is now only a plan, more tangible. She does this by bringing real materials (including reeds and water from the Weerwater) to the exhibition.

Paper mill

Sachi Miyachi's design for the new artwork consists of a temporary, iconic paper mill where paper will be made from reeds and water from the Weerwater. This mill will be located at a spot on the Weerwater, the exact location has yet to be determined.

Money for Almere

The Weerwater paper will then be made into paper money to commemorate 50 years of Almere. Miyachi is elaborating on the coins minted at the celebration of one year Almere (1977) - one such coin can now be seen in the Stadsarchief. The project is thus implicitly also about how landscape and economy are connected, how water itself can create value.

Together with residents

The paper in the paper mill is made together with residents and interested parties. The foundation of the mill is shaped after the process of papermaking and serves as a workshop space. Residents can also participate in designing the paper money. The project works towards the celebration of 50 years of Almere in 2026. After that, the paper mill will be demolished and the foundation transformed into a permanent sculpture, a new work of land art for Almere.