To Polderland Garden of Love and Fire (Zip code 1309 BB)

From the A6 (in both directions), take exit S101 Almere Stad-West. This road will change into the Hogering (N702). Follow this road; at the second traffic lights, at Manege Pampushout, there are already road signs to the artwork. Turn left onto Botterweg. Follow the Botterweg to the right. Botterweg ends in a T-junction; here, turn left onto Pampushavenweg. Polderland Garden of Love and Fire is situated a little further down, on the right side of the road. There is a car park at the site.

From Polderland Garden of Love and Fire to Exposure (Zip code 8242 PA, approximately)

Take a right from the car park following Pampushavenweg towards the dike. Turn right on Oostvaardersdijk (N701), direction Lelystad. In Lelystad, follow the signs to Enkhuizen, via Houtribweg. Take the exit to Enkhuizen via Markerwaarddijk, crossing the Houtrib locks. Once you have passed the locks, follow the bend down to the right. Take the exit to the parking lot with the snack carts. Park under the bridge. (Note: don’t miss the parking lot exit, you will only be able to turn back halfway along the dike to Enkhuizen!)

From Exposure to Observatory (Zip code 8219 PG, approximately)

Follow this road back to Lelystad via Markerwaarddijk. At the roundabout, turn left to Houtribweg (N302). Go straight at the first roundabout. At the second roundabout, take the second exit left onto Binnenhavenweg, yet keep right to cross Houtribweg. At the next roundabout, turn left onto Steenstraat. Follow this road that crosses the A6. The road turns into Edelhertweg. Turn left at Swifterringweg. Follow the road under the railway underpass and turn left at the bend toward the Observatory. Park here.

From Observatory to PIER+HORIZON (zip code 8317 PD)
Turn left onto Swifterringweg. Turn left on Kamperhoekweg and cross the N711. Further on, take access road 12 to the highway A6 in the direction of Emmeloord. Cross the bridge over the Ketelmeer and take exit 13 to Urk and Nagele (N352). Turn right in the direction of Nagele and follow the N352 across the crossroads with the N50, and follow the road through Ens. Turn into the direction of Vollenhove on the roundabout in Kraggenburg (Kraggenburgerweg, N352). Turn right at the fork onto Kadoelerweg. After about 2,5 km, turn right onto Zwartemeerweg. After no. 64, you'll find parking spaces near the bike road that leads to the artwork.

From PIER+HORIZON to Riff, PD#18245 (zip code 8256 RD)
Continue on Zwartemeerweg. Turn right at the fork in the direction of Ens. Continue on this road and follow the N50 towards Kampen. Leave the highway at Kampen and turn right at the N307 in the direction of Dronten. Turn left at the roundabout after the Roggebotsluis towards the N306. This road takes you along the Drontermeerdijk in the direction of Biddinghuizen. The road will continue as Spijkweg. After a short while, turn left at the Bremerbergdijk. You'll find the artwork alongside the road.

From Riff, PD#18245 to Sea Level (zip code 3892 HZ)
Continue on Spijkweg (N306). Go straight ahead and cross the Knardijk/N307. Take the second exit on the roundabout when you are in Zeewolde, to the Kwartiermakerslaan. Take a right on the next roundabout towards Gelderseweg. Turn left at Schepenveld and keep left. Turn right on Muiderweg. Take a left turn on Sportlaan. At the second roundabout, turn left onto Horsterweg, and take a right to Dasselaarweg at the following roundabout. Continue this road and turn right at Kastanjelaan. You will drive through the park. Turn right on Eikenlaan and again right onto De Verbeelding. You can park your car here and walk towards the artwork.

From Sea Level to Aardzee (zip code 3897 LH)
Turn back towards Kastanjelaan and take a right turn on Dasselaarweg. Turn left at the roundabout towards Horsterweg and turn right at Spiekweg. Keep left when you reach the small roundabout. Cross the N705 at the traffic lights, turn left at Schollevaarweg. Keep right and follow the Roerdompweg. When you reach the N706 - Vogelweg - turn right. After a short while you'll find Aardzee at your left side.

From Aardzee to De Groene Kathedraal (zip code 1349 CX)
Turn right onto the Vogelweg N706 in the direction of Almere. Cross the A27 and turn left at Tureluurweg. Turn right onto Kathedralenpad. You can park at the end of this road.

From De Groene Kathedraal to highways A6/A27
Turn back towards the Tureluurweg and take a turn to the left. Turn left at Vogelweg N706. If you want to return to Almere Stad and highway A6 (directions Amsterdam/Lelystad): turn right at Waterlandseweg (N305). If you want to go in the direction of Utrecht/Lelystad, turn left.