Photo: Lot Meijers


In line with the guidelines of The Artist Interview (RCE publication), we interview the artists - and in three cases the heirs - about the artworks. During the interview, we discuss the preservation of their Flevoland artwork (how do they envision the future of their artworks?). We do this in such a way that long-term and future management and conservation decisions can be made based on this information. These interviews are kept in full as documents for the owners of the artworks and as study material.

In addition, short videos are made about them for the public. These can be found on this website, and in shortened form as Reel on Instagram.

The interviews will be conducted by Flevoland documentary filmmaker Elisabeth van Leeuwen, who is well acquainted with land art and has previously made short films about it, for example for Omroep Flevoland in collaboration with architect Jord den Hollander, and the longer film No Risk, No Fun about the creation of Riff, PD#18245 by Bob Gramsma.

Made possible by: BPD Cultuurfonds, Mondriaan Fund, Vriendenloterij