We proudly present the free Land Art Flevoland magazine. This magazine, made possible by the Vriendenloterij, functions as a complete visitor's guide.

The free magazine contains general information about all the artworks, the addresses, and handy car and bike routes. Gerda van de Glind talked land art with visitors, Sanne van Balen wrote a story about Aardzee. The news about the restored artworks is explained in detail. Which artworks have already been restored? What is still to happen? A beautiful illustration of Observatory by Elianne Koolstra adorns the cover. Everything was edited by Sophia Zürcher. The entire magazine is attractively designed by Petra Warrink.

Between 30 May and 5 June 2022, the magazine was distributed door-to-door throughout Flevoland. It will be included as a supplement in Almere Deze Week, Zeewolde Actueel, FlevoPost Lelystad, FlevoPost Dronten and NoordOostpolder.

Is the magazine not delivered to you, but are you interested in it? Then come to the Land Art Weekend in the first weekend of June. At each work of land art there is a guide who can give you a free copy of the magazine. Can't wait that long? Pick up a copy at the VVV in Almere city centre of get in touch with us:

The magazine is available both in Dutch and English.


The Land Art Flevoland Magazine is the one-off magazine of the Land Art Flevoland Foundation, published as a result of the Land Art Flevoland Master Plan.

Volume 1, number 1
May 2022

Sophia Zürcher

Petra Warrink

Jane Szita

Sanne van Balen, Gerda van de Glind, Martine van Kampen, Elianne Koolstra, Lot Meijers, Sophia Zürcher

With thanks to the board of the Land Art Flevoland Foundation: Demelza van der Maas, Suki de Boer and Vincent de Boer – and to Yttje Feddes and Marie-Josée Röselaers

De Toekomst, Hilversum

165,000 copies

illustration by Elianne Koolstra

Made possible by
BPD Cultuurfonds, City of Almere, City of Lelystad, Municipality of Noordoostpolder, Municipality of Zeewolde, Het Flevo-landschap, Mondriaan Fund, Province of Flevoland, Staatsbosbeheer, Vriendenloterij