Performance Rory Pilgrim. Foto Geert van der Wijk

Spring performance in Rory Piglim's Affection Is The Best Protection

Artist Rory Pilgrim marks the summer solstice and creates a highlight in his project Affection is the Best Protection with his open-air performance in the Polderland Garden of Love and Fire. In this work, he explores the relationship between ‘land’ and ‘love’ – inspired by the extraordinary Land Art artwork by Daniel Libeskind in Almere, which has for some time, and less famously, become used as a cruise spot. Since the launch of the project with a disco evening in October, Pilgrim has furthered Libeskind's visual imagery of the Land Art work as a geographical compass by engaging with community members and LGBT activists from Almere, Dakar and Saint Petersburg. Now in the light of day, the final performance explores how the voices and words of those people can come together and speak freely in the Polderland Garden of Love of Fire, whether present or absent. Working with words, movement and music, Pilgrim has collaborated with platform Roze Almere, choreographer Monika Dorniak and musicians of the Almeers Jeugd Symfonie Orkest (AJSO – Almere Youth Symphony Orchestra).

Performers: Leo Gold, Nelly Hakkarainen, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke. Voice: Robyn Haddon. Sound: Seamus Cater. Graphic design: Celine Wouters.