RAAAF / Atelier de Lyon, Deltawerk // (2018). Photo Jan Kempenaers

Deltawerk (2018)

RAAAF / Atelier de Lyon, 2018

Deltawork // calls the pursuit of indestructibility into question. In the Waterloopbos, the Delta Works were built and tested up until 1996. The largest waterwork was the Deltagoot (Delta Flume), a 250-meter-long concrete channel for experiments with tsunami waves. The Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (Hydrology Laboratory) has become a national monument and the Delta Flume has been transformed into the artwork Deltawerk //.

By digging up this colossal concrete installation, the "scaled Delta work" appears to be silently floating on a tranquil water surface. The devastating power of the water is made tangible by sawing, turning and tilting large blocks out of the concrete walls. A new rhythm of falling plates is created. The visitor experiences the weight of the work by walking underneath the massive blocks on two new bridges. Once inside, a grand perspective opens onto the empty space between the plates.

Artist: RAAAF / Atelier de Lyon
Title: Deltawerk//
Unveiling: 27 september 2018
Materials: concrete and water
Dimensions: 250 x 5 x 7 m
Location: Voorsterweg 34, Marknesse
Managed by Natuurmonumenten
Waterloopbos is a Rijksmonument (Rijksdienst Cultureel Erfgoed)