RAAAF / Atelier de Lyon, Deltawerk // (2018). Photo Jan Kempenaers

Deltawerk// (2018)

RAAAF / Atelier de Lyon

The Waterloopbos is filled with scale models of water works; this is where the Waterloopkundig Laboratorium (Hydraulics Laboratory) used to test the Delta Works, among other things. The most impressive model site was the Delta flume, a long concrete trench used to study the effects of waves on constructions. The test models are currently no longer in use and the laboratory has been closed. The Waterloopbos has become a national monument and the Deltagoot has been transformed into the artwork Deltawerk // by RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon.

The Delta Works stand as a symbol of the struggle of the Dutch against the water. As Deltawerk //, the Deltagoot becomes a monument to that struggle and the Dutch's ingenuity in the field of water management, yet it also raises questions about the pursuit of an indestructible Netherlands in a time of climate change and rising sea levels.

RAAAF and Atelier de Lyon devised a plan to excavate the colossal wave basin, causing the concrete container to tower some 7 metres above ground level. This colossal work of art now sits in a tranquil body of water. The destructive power of the water is made tangible by the large cut-outs sawed out of the concrete walls. To enhance the effect, the resulting blocks have been turned and tilted. As such, a rhythm of falling plates is created. Over the years, nature will gradually invade the work of art, and mosses and ferns will take possession of it.

RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon’s Deltawerk // (2018) is located along Voorsterweg in the Waterloopbos in Marknesse in the Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands. Find its address and coordinates here.

Artist: RAAAF [Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances] | Atelier de Lyon
Title: Deltawerk //
Unveiling: 27 September 2018
Materials: concrete and water
Dimensions: 240 x 5 x 7 m
Location: Voorsterweg 34, Marknesse
Commissioned by Natuurmonumenten and the Cultural Heritage Agency

Owned by: Natuurmonumenten
Waterloopbos is a National Monument

Podcast over Deltawerk //

Kunstjournalist Luuk Heezen interviewde Erik Rietveld (van RAAAF) over het maken van Deltawerk//. Dit interview is opgenomen in De Verbeelding, Zeewolde tijdens het Land Art Luisterweekend 2020.