The Land Art Flevoland team, from left to right Robbie Schweiger, Sophia Zürcher, Martine van Kampen and Marie-Josée Röselaers (photo Bram Schilling)

About us

Het bestuur van Stichting Land Art Flevoland: v.l.n.r. Vincent de Boer, Demelza van der Maas en Suki de Boer

Nowhere else in the world will you find as much Land Art gathered in one place as in Flevoland. The Land Art Flevoland collection includes artworks by world-renowned artists such as Antony Gormley, Richard Serra, Daniel Libeskind and Marinus Boezem. The owners manage and maintain the artworks, while the Land Art Flevoland Foundation brings them to life through activities, increases their visibility, and addresses their status as special cultural heritage.

Land Art Flevoland is a small organisation that is dedicated to bringing the monumental landscape artworks in Flevoland to the attention of a broad public. This is done through the organisation of bus tours, self-initiated activities such as the Land Art Weekend and Land Art Live, the publication of a book that is distributed internationally, as well as cooperation with organisations and people - within Flevoland and beyond - who are sustainably involved in landscape art.

In addition to our public function, we are also focusing on strengthening the preservation of the collection by establishing partnerships between the owners of the artworks: five Flevoland municipalities and three nature organisations. To this end, we drew up a master plan in 2019, in which the restoration of the older artworks is coupled with improved public facilities for the entire collection. In cooperation with the Province of Flevoland and the Cultural Heritage Agency, this plan is currently being elaborated further.

Land Art Flevoland's office is in De Voetnoot in Almere. Land Art Flevoland is structurally supported by the Province of Flevoland and on a project basis by funds such as the Mondriaan Fund, the VSB Fund, Fonds21 and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Flevoland.

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The permanent staff of Land Art Flevoland consists of Martine van Kampen (curator), Tessa Haan (project manager Land Art Weekend), Claartje Auf dem Brinke (tours), Joya Mooi (communication), Lot Meijers (project manager Masterplan). Marie-Josée Röselaers recently resigned from her work for the tours but remains involved as a guide.

The artworks themselves are owned and managed by various parties: The Flevo-landschap, the municipality of Almere, the municipality of Lelystad, the municipality of Zeewolde, the municipality of Noordoostpolder, the municipality of Dronten, the Staatsbosbeheer (Forestry Commission) and Natuurmonumenten (Nature Monuments). We collaborate with all these parties to coordinate maintenance and activities. On this website, you will find the owners and managers of the individual works of art.

The board of the Land Art Flevoland Foundation consists of Demelza van der Maas (chair), who obtained her doctorate at the VU on the relationship between heritage and identity in Flevoland and who is currently appointed as Collection Manager of the Heineken Collection Foundation; Vincent de Boer (treasurer), adviser art and public space at Stroom Den Haag and in this capacity responsible for the Land Art work by James Turrell in Kijkduin; and Suki de Boer (secretary), who obtained his PhD on art in corporate commission at VU University, previously worked at Droog Design and is currently a staff member of Visual Arts and Heritage at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK). They dedicate themselves to Land Art Flevoland on a voluntary basis.

The ambassadors of the Land Art in Flevoland form a veritable Committee of Recommendation:

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