Kunstlinie Almere Flevoland (KAF). Photo: Maarten Feenstra

About us

Team Land Art Flevoland, photo: Bram Schilling

Land Art Flevoland is a small organization that brings the nine major Land Art works in Flevoland to the attention of a wide audience. We do this by organizing bus tours, initiating activities such as the Land Art Weekend, and cooperating with other organizations and people - in Flevoland and beyond - who are sustainably involved in Land Art.

Land Art Flevoland is housed at KAF (Kunstlinie Almere, Flevoland) as a satellite organization, in the beautiful building of SANAA Architects in Almere. Land Art Flevoland is supported structurally by the Province of Flevoland, and incidentally by funding partners such as the Mondriaan Fund and Prins Bernhard Culture Fund.


The core of Land Art Flevoland is formed by curator Martine van Kampen (policy and program Land Art Live) and Marie-Josee Röselaers (tours and education). Both have gained their expertise in the Flevoland Land Art at the former Museum De Paviljoens.

The artworks themselves are owned and kept by different parties: Het Flevo-landschap, the Almere, Lelystad, Zeewolde and Dronten municipalities, Staatsbosbeheer, and Natuurmonumenten. To coordinate maintenance and activities we work together with all these parties. Check out the individual artworks on this website to see who are their respective owners and managers.

The board of Stichting Land Art Flevoland consists of Demelza van der Maas (chair), who did her PhD research at the VU on the relation between heritage and identity in Flevoland and currently works as collection manager at Heineken Collection Foundation; Vincent de Boer (treasurer), he is advisor for art and public space with Stroom Den Haag and as such concerned with the Land Art work of James Turrell in Kijkduin; and Yttje Feddes (secretary), landscape architect and former Government Advisor of Landscape, and with her office Feddes Olthof landscape architects active on several locations in Flevoland, for instance Oostvaardersplassen.

The ambassadors of the Land Art in Flevoland form a veritable Committee of Recommendation:

Land Art Flevoland @ KAF
Esplanade 10
1315 TA Almere
RSIN number: 856450108

Download the 2019 annual report here (Dutch only)

Download the 2018 annual report here (Dutch only)

Download the 2018-2020 policy plan here (Dutch only)