Kids on Riff, PD#18245 by Bob Gramsma, photo Wardie Hellendoorn

Bezoek met kinderen

The great thing about artworks in public spaces is that you get to touch them. So come and feel for yourself.

Viewing and doing guide (4+)

Using these children's tasks, compiled by Myrthe Mandemakers, children and parents are invited to look, discover and form their own opinions about the artwork. With doing assignments for young children (4+) and thinking assignments for older children (9+). You can print these leaflets yourself (download them here)

Family tour (6-10 years, in Dutch)

Our colleagues at M. have developed a Land Art Familietour (a web app) along three works of land art see also:

Go together on this fun and educational family tour that takes you past three works of land art in Flevoland. At each work of art, you will do fun, crazy and active tasks to make it an unforgettable afternoon. Get lost in a silver maze, do the giant's dance and don't forget to take that awesome family photo. Do you collect all the letters with the tasks? Then a nice surprise awaits you at the end of the tour!

You can do the family tour in one day or spread it out over several days. Along the way, you will visit Polderland Garden of Love and Fire by Daniel Libeskind, Exposure by Antony Gormley and The Green Cathedral by Marinus Boezem. To follow the whole tour, all you need is a car and a mobile phone with internet. It is most fun to use one phone and do the tasks together, with the whole family.

Click here to start the family tour