2022: Sea Level – rondleiding door de restaurator + film

Guided tour by the restorer

In 2011, Richard Serra's Sea Level artwork was given a grey layer of paint. This layer of paint must be removed because it does not belong to the original design of the artwork and because it will probably cause damage to the concrete surface. Rupert restoration and restoration studio Overhoff are now investigating how to restore this work of art. During the Land Art Weekend, restorer Anne Rupert will be present to walk past the artwork with visitors. What exactly needs to be restored? How do the restorers go about their work?

During the weekend, De Verbeelding will also screen the documentary A Shift in the Landscape by filmmaker Simone Estrin, about the maintenance of another artwork by Richard Serra, namelijk Shift, located in Canada.

A Shift in the Landscape is a documentary film that investigates the battle to protect celebrated American sculptor Richard Serra’s monumental work Shift (1970-72), which sat hidden in a remote Ontario farming field for over forty years and is now threatened by housing development. Through interviews with Serra himself, as well as American art historian Rosalind Krauss and King City councillor Cleve Mortelliti, along with panoramic footage of Shift, viewers are given unprecedented access to this unknown masterpiece and the creative process behind it. By highlighting what Shift means to the local community and, on a broader scale, the international art world, A Shift in the Landscape shows why it is vital to fight for art.


Sea Level in Perspective, a photo exhibition

This is the title of an educational photo exhibition that is currently on display in pavilion De Verbeelding. The photographs were made by Rob van den Broek and his sons with the aim of allowing children in junior and senior high school to discover the qualities of these works of land art and the perspective from which they can be viewed.

Scavenger hunt for families with children aged 8 and over.

From pavilion De Verbeelding, on 4 and 5 June, there will be the opportunity to explore Sea Level by means of a small scavenger hunt. Children aged 8 and over and their parents learn to look with an educated eye and once again discover lines and vistas in the landscape that you never saw before.

Tourist train rides again!

Will you be joining the Zeewolde Tourist Train on Saturday 4 June 2022? This electric 'train' has room for 7 to a maximum of 20 people. The free rides go from the centre of the village to Paviljoen De Verbeelding. There you can see and hear everything about land art.


Anne Rupert
Anne Rupert specialises in restoration and conservation of stone and stony materials. She works together with Michiel Overhoff of Restoration Studio Overhoff, who specialises in the restoration of ceramics, glass and stone.

Filmmaker Simone Estrin
Simone Estrin is a filmmaker from Toronto. Her work is about the experience of art and its value to society.


Sea Level, Zeewolde
De Verbeelding, de Verbeelding 25, 3892 HZ Zeewolde
Pavilion De Verbeelding was designed by Rene van Zuuk in 2000 and donated to the municipality of Zeewolde by the Rijksdienst Ijsselmeerpolders. Currently, De Verbeelding is a breeding ground for art and culture. The foundation wants to involve the population of Zeewolde and Flevoland in what can be seen as art and culture in the broadest sense. In cooperation with partners in these fields, a varied and attractive offer for a broad audience has been provided for 10 years now. This beautiful pavilion is also home to art and culture education for schools.


Both days 11.00-17.00: guide present
Sunday 5 June, 14.00-16.00: guided tours by Anne Rupert
Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June, 11.00-17.00: film screening and photo exhibition (continuous)


Johanna Braeunlich