6 and 7 June 2020
Photo: Bram Schilling

Land Art Weekend

During the annual Land Art Weekend, we put the spotlight on the nine land art monuments of Flevoland. For the 2020 edition you can experience the land art through your ears. In the weekend of June 6 and 7, art journalist Luuk Heezen will present ten listening programs. One broadcast per landscape artwork, plus one about the entire art collection. This way you can enjoy Flevoland's land art all weekend indoors as well as outdoors, at home or on the spot.

Martine van Kampen, curator of Land Art Flevoland: “By making the entire program listenable this year, the emphasis shifts from getting together to the individual experience. This way everyone can experience the land art from an appropriate distance.”

During the Land Art Luisterweekend Luuk Heezen will look for the most beautiful stories about the landscape artworks. From De Verbeelding in Zeewolde, he interviews, among others, a wedding official about the ceremonies that take place in De Groene Kathedraal (the Green Cathedral); a forester about nature and the maintenance of the landscape artwork Aardzee (Earthsea); and a historian who shares a passion for the Noordoostpolder with the creator of PIER+HORIZON.

You can find the broadcasts live on 6 and 7 June 2020 between 11.00 en ca. 18.00 hrs on Facebook and this website.

Broadcast schedule

The broadcast schedule of the Land Art Listening Weekend gives listeners the opportunity to 'ride along', to listen to the broadcast about the artwork in question on location. All broadcasts will be in Dutch.

Saturday June 6:
11.00 hrs: Episode on the entire Land Art Flevoland collection
12:30 hrs: Episode on Observatorium (Observatory) by Robert Morris
14.00 hrs: Episode on Riff, PD #18245 by Bob Gramsma
15.30 hrs: Episode on PIER+HORIZON by Paul de Kort
17.00 hrs: Episode on Deltawerk// by RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon

Sunday June 7:
11.00 hrs: Episode on Polderland Garden of Love and Fire by Daniel Libeskind
12.30 hrs: Episode on Exposure by Antony Gormley
14.00 hrs: Episode on Aardzee (Earth Sea) by Piet Slegers
15.30 hrs: Episode on Sea Level by Richard Serra
17.00 hrs: Episode on The Green Cathedral by Marinus Boezem

Also on the program

Vesna Dragojevic from Good4Good created special playlists for each land artwork. Last year she organised the 'Buitenmis' in De Groene Kathedraal during the Land Art Weekend 2019 - this year you can listen to her music choices at all nine locations. The playlists give the artworks an extra dimension, without changing anything of their external shape. Listen to the Spotify playlists here.

The listening weekend is also an excellent time to experience the Engelenzender by Moniek Toebosch on the Houtribdijk. Drive in your own car over the dike and hear the angels sing through the app. Land Art Flevoland hopes to add this special sound artwork to the collection soon.

The Land Art Weekend 2020 is made possible thanks to Province of Flevoland, Visit Flevoland, VSBfonds and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Van Lange Fund).